Service Overview

Our primary services are targeted towards facility owners and managers of existing facilities, although we are also available for general CAD services and project work. The specific services for an individual client are tailored to their needs,circumstances, timeline, and budget. We have provided services ranging from a simple CAD redraw of an existing floorplan, to the ongoing management of all facility documentation for a multi-building, million square foot facility.

On the small scale, we can provide general CAD and drawing coordination services in support of tenant improvements, as-builts, space planning and allocation, jurisdictional reporting, and other facilities related needs.

On the large scale, we will partner with you to define and deliver a total facilities documentation package. Typically, this involves assembling all of your existing documentation into a comprehensive, cohesive set of master CAD drawings. This can include scanning or CAD redraw of paper only drawings, field verification of discrepancies or undocumented installations, and input from your Facilities staff and contractors. Once assembled, we can maintain your documentation in an as-built state with updates from subsequent alterations, assist with "what if" planning and other project support, and provide CAD support to your Facilities, Engineering, and Operations staff and contractors. We can publish your facility information in a variety of formats and media to meet your needs.

As access to and control over your documentation are key components of facility lifecycle support, we can also work with you to define your Document Management needs and assist with implementation of an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). An EDMS can range from a simple restricted access hierarchical directory structure with written procedures, up to sophisticated web-enabled enterprise systems with revision control and tracking, multi-level user authentication, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.